Top Art Attractions in the Napa Valley

Unveiling Creativity: Exploring the Best Art Events and Attractions in Napa Valley

Napa Valley, renowned for its vineyards and culinary delights, also boasts a vibrant and thriving arts scene. Beyond the grapevines and wine tastings, visitors can immerse themselves in a world of artistic expression. Let's unravel the canvas of creativity and discover the best art events and attractions in our picturesque valley.

di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art

Nestled in the Carneros region, the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art is a true gem. With its diverse collection of modern art, sculpture gardens, and lake views, this art center is a haven for art enthusiasts. Explore over 2,000 works by Bay Area artists amidst the scenic backdrop of Napa Valley.

Napa Valley Open Studios

Napa Valley Open Studios takes place over the course of two weekends in the Napa Valley. The 2023 dates are September 16th & 17th and September 23rd and 24th. Open Studios is an annual event where local artists open their studios to the public. This intimate experience allows you to interact with artists, witness their creative process, and perhaps find a masterpiece to adorn your space.



Napa & Yountville Art Walks

Stroll through the streets of Napa & Yountville to witness their open-air art exhibits. Yountville has more than 25 sculptures and Napa has 15 located all over town. The Rails Art District in NapaShowcasing rotating sculptures from talented artists, this public art initiative enriches the cityscape, blending culture seamlessly with the urban environment.


Donum Estate

Founded in 2011, The Donum Collection is one of the world's largest accessible private sculpture collections. More than 50 monumental works, including open-air sculptures, are placed on The Donum Estate, with over a third being site-specific commissions. Throughout the 200-acre estate, each piece plays with scale, nature, and imagination. This evolving collection brings together a global community of artists, including works from leading practitioners from 18 nations, across six continents. Donum brings to life a delicate balance between wine, land and art that has made it an international destination. 

Caldwell Snyder Gallery

Located in the heart of St. Helena, the Caldwell Snyder Gallery is an elegant art space representing contemporary painters and sculptors. The gallery often hosts events and exhibitions, providing a glimpse into the world of contemporary art.

Jessup Art Gallery

Jessup Cellars Gallery provides a unique viewing experience with its blend of artwork and wine tastings.  Jessup Cellars hosts numerous events throughout the year.  Gallery Curator and resident artist, Cynthia Carey, honors and supports her artists in the development of their artistic vision and creative processes.  She has an innate passion for the arts and enjoys working with collectors building collections, providing art advisory services and assisting individuals in navigating the art world. 

Hess Collection

One of the most distinguished holdings of contemporary art in the county, the Hess Collection shows about three-quarters of its works in museums worldwide and the rest are displayed here. Founder Donald Hess invests not only in art works, but in the artists themselves, focusing his interest on 20 living artists whose work he faithfully supports over decades. An audio tour is available, or take the docent-led tour of the whole gallery followed by an optional complimentary tasting. 

In Napa Valley, the fusion of art and wine creates an experience that engages the senses and nourishes the soul. From contemporary galleries to outdoor art exhibits, the valley offers a diverse palette of artistic expressions waiting to be explored. Plan your artistic adventure in Napa Valley and let the creative spirit of this beautiful region inspire you.

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